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2.0V Fiber Optic HDMI cable

2.0V Fiber Optic HDMI cable is suitable for the home theaters ,Commercial theaters,Medical equipments, sports venues , factory automation,and large viewing hall and international conference centre, exhibition hall ,and so on  others required high-definition equipment .


√ Maximum support 4k@60Hz,Ethernet ,Full color sampling4:4:4,Audio return channel

√Maximum bandwidth up to 18Gbps(single channel 6 Gbps,3 Channels)

√Low power consumption(≤250mw).Max.working current is 48ma.

√Ensure distortionless definition to transmit image signal without compression

√support HDCP 2.2/CEC/EDID

√Plug and play ,its easy to use it without adding external power and signal amplifier

√Maximum transmission length up to 100 meters

√Transmits high frequency signal and makes zero electromagnetic interference 


Connector typeHDMI type A to HDMI type A
Conductor TC  (Fiber X4C)*1+(30#*1P+D+AL)+30#*4C+26#*1C+F+AL
Jacket TPE
Jacket Dia4.7mm
Transmission Bandwidth18G
Photoelectric Converter4CH 850nmVCSEL/PIN
Power consumption≤250mW
Power  5V
Ultimate Bending radiusD15mm.
Continuous Tension100N(15min)

(+86) 02086213139